by Enrico Poli

Drammatico | Italy | 2013 | 16mm | 22 min.

Date saturday 19 july

Location Giardini del Castello - MONSELICE (PD), via del Santuario, 11


Closure explores the excitement and discomfort of leaving behind the past to seek out a new identity. Anna has run away from a world she rejects in Spain to London, where she finds emptiness and discontent. David, a high ranking criminal from her past, comes back into her life and offers her a role in one of his schemes. She agrees — uneasy, but hopeful it will bring her the transformation she is seeking.


Enrico Poli“Closure” (2013) Short Film / 16mm / D.O.P. Beniamino Barrese 4 Days Shooting Producer, Writer, Director, 1st Editor 22 minutes Short Film “Deckard” (2013) Promos / HD / Co-writer Edoardo D’Elia Three videos; 1 Day Shooting each Producer, Writer, Director, D.O.P., Editor 1 minute promos “La Cantina” (2013) Promo / HD / Co-writer Edoardo D’Elia 1 Day Shooting Producer, Writer, Director, D.O.P., Editor Promo, 2:07 minutes “Verso L’acqua” (2012) Documentary / HD / D.O.P. M. Primiterra / 1st Editor, Pietro Passarelli on going Writer, Director, 2nd Editor Documentary “Swing Rowers” (2012) Promo / HD / D.O.P. M. Pietro Passarelli 2 Days Shooting co-witer, co-director, 2nd editor Promo (7 minutes) “La Salita” (2012) Short Film / HD / D.O.P. Matteo Primiterra, Matteo Stocco 5 Days Shooting Writer, Director, Editor, Producer 16 minutes Short Film “Lost” (2012) Video Clip / Red Alexa / dir. Johnny Morgue / D.O.P. Sam Care 3 Days Shooting Production Assistant, Runner/Driver 5 minutes Video Clip for Joker, “Lost” “ZDF London Live” (2012) TV Show Idents / HD / dir. Gabi Madracevic / Producer. Tatjana Zivanovic-Wegele 1 Days Shooting Production Assistant, Runner 20 seconds Idents for ZDF London Live “Business Essentials” (2011) Corporate video / HD / dir. Maverick Litchfield-Kelly / D.O.P. Monica Rubio 1 Day Shooting Production Assistant, Editor, Animator 5 minutes Corporate Video for Business Essentials “Enlighten Tooth Serum” (2011) Corporate Video / HD / dir. Maverick Litchfield-Kelly 2 Days Shooting Editor, Animator 1 minute corporate video for Enlighten “Vergebung” (2011) Mockumentary Short / HD / dir. Enrico Poli, Enrico Casagrande / D.O.P. Matteo Primiterra 1 Day Shooting Writer, Co-Director, 2nd Editor 4 minutes Short Film realized during Nonantola Film Festival; Winner of the Third Price “Peace of Mind” (2011) Documentary Short / HDV / D.O.P. Matteo Primiterra 2 Weeks Shooting Co-Director, 2nd Editor, Camera Assistant, Boom Operator, Foley Artist 26 minutes Documentary realized at ’“Unit Self Storage”, Padova (ITALY) “Oggi, domani, ieri” (2010) Short Film / DV / D.O.P. Enrico Poli 1 Week Shooting Director, Co-Writer, Editor 8 minutes Short Film

Enrico Poli
Enrico Poli, Enrico Casagrande
Enrico Poli
Beniamino Barrese
Enrico Poli, Gabriele Cannizzaro
Simone Spagnolo
Valeria Vereau, Marco Gambino, Gaetano Gentile, Francesco Valenti
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