by Haner Gu

Drammatico | Corea del Sud | 2013 | HD | 9 min.

Date friday 4 july

Location Giardini del Castello - ESTE (PD), via Giuseppe Garibaldi


A man with two eggs instead of his eyes. Although his eyes were awkward as it sounds, that man was mostly satisfied with portraying the world through egg spheres. It changes with a whimp. With a slight glance of a dairy shop(egg shop) girl, his blushed face tempered his egg eyes ; blinding him with love. He rushes to his house, stirred with a sudden touch in his heart. His limpid eyes, however, still boils to a white, opaque solid just by reminding of her. He shackles himself, in a not-so-durable situation. After a few rising of the sun, he decides to walk out of his shells - with the echo of chick chick that he hears across the door.


Haner Gu was born in 1991. She majored Entertainment Design in the university. is her graduation work.

Haner Gu