Replay - Kindheit in der Sandkiste

by Markus Berger e Evelyn Rendl

Biografico | Austria | 2013 | HD | 6 min.italian subtitles by EMM

Date saturday 5 july

Location Teatro Filodrammatici - ESTE (PD), via Calle della Musica, 13


Five people tell stories about games they used to play as a child. Snippets from those conducted interviews serve es an initial point for the film. "Replay" is an attempt to visually interpret those interview contents. It does so by using a mix of analogue and digital 2d animation. The images connect with the stories in a variety of ways and expend them both in content and emotion.


Biography: Markus Berger, born in 1982, studied "Media Technologie" and later "Digital Arts" at the university of applied sciences in Hagenberg/Upper Austria. During a one year stay studying abroad in Istanbul he started to develop a special interest in documentaries which he tries to combinate with animation. at the moment he works independently as media designer and alternately lives in Austria and Turkey. Filmography: - Auf Maori / In Maori (2009, fiction short) - Bazen Pazarlari Çapa Yaparim / Sometimes On Sundays I Hoe (2010, documentary short) - Die Manufaktur / The Manufacture (2012, 3D animated short) - Replay - Kindheit in der Sandkiste / Replay - Childhood in the Sandpit) (2013, 2D animated documentary short)

Markus Berger e Evelyn Rendl
Markus Berger
Evelyn Rendl/Markus Berger
Evelyn Rendl/Markus Berger
Markus Berger
Markus Berger
Romina Dodic Szepe, Anna Margit Erber, Georg Gschwend, Matthias Kogler, Maria Szarzynski
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