The secret of tree

by Moeen Samadi

Fantasy | Iran | 2013 | altro | 4 min.

Date sunday 6 july

Location Teatro Filodrammatici - ESTE (PD), via Calle della Musica, 13

The Secret of Tree 1
The Secret of Tree 2
The Secret of Tree 4

A king dreams of a tree that gives men eternal life. He decides to seek it and spends his whole life searching for it, but in vain. Finally, at his old age, a sage gives him the fruit of wisdom and the king realizes that the tree of life is in truth wisdom itself.


MOEEN SAMADI Born in 1979 in Kermanshah, Iran Studied Graphic Design and Self Studying Animation & Cinema since 1992. Making Short Animation film independently since 1994. He has won more than 17 international and Iranian awards. Filmography: •Jamshid, 2013 short Animation •The Cloudy Sheep, 2013 (executive producer) •Lina Luke, 2012 TV commercial •The Secret of the tree, 2012 TV short Animation •The Night Song, 2012 Short Animation •Nasser din shah and his 84 wives, 2010 Documentary (executive producer) •Above the gray clouds, 2010- Short Animation-writer •Kimiya e Shadi, 2010- TV Series-art director •Meli Bank Newrooz, 2010-TV Commercial-director •Day Bank, 2010- TV Commercial-director •Lina Pof, 2010- TV Commercial-director •27th Fajr International Festival (Teaser), 2009- Commercial-director •50th Anniversary of animation-Iranian Cinema House, 2008- opening-writer & director •The Lost Puppet, 2007-Short Animation-writer, director and illustrator •Bomba Yellow, 2007-Commercial-writer and director •Flowers, 2006-Short Animation-executive producer and illustrator •WHO/Oral health, 2005-E-learning Multimedia-director •Newrooz and 7seen, 2004- TV Commercial-director •WHO/Safty on our way, 2004-E-Learning Multimedia-director •Stop it, I’m out!, 2003- Short Animation-writer, director and illustrator •My button heart, 2001-Short film-writer and director •The Truth, 2000-Short Animation-co writer and co-director •TV, 1994-Short Animation-co writer and co- director Awards: Best animation of Tokyo International Anime Fair 2008/Japan Best animation of Iranian Cinema House celebration 2007/Iran Best animation of Tehran International animation festival 2005/Iran Bucheon college dean prize PISAF 2004/South Korea Best student film of Anifest 2004/Czech Republic

Moeen Samadi
Moeen Samadi
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